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Leadership Roles

Pupils take on important leadership roles and have the opportunity to express their opinions. At our school, we highly appreciate the contributions of our student leaders. Their work is integral to shaping how we teach and learn. Our Year 6 leadership team is responsible for various areas of school life, such as academics, wellbeing, and general support. These responsibilities are based on the needs identified by the students themselves. We believe that through this process, we are nurturing future leaders who are considerate and adaptable, and who are prepared for the ever-changing world ahead. Our goal is to develop confident and effective leaders who can express their ideas to any audience and apply their leadership skills in real-world situations.

The Pupil Leadership Team is focused on providing children with opportunities to take on leadership roles within the school and ensuring that their voices and opinions are heard. As a pupil-led school, we regularly seek input from students to make necessary improvements. This approach enables children to play an active role in the school's progress and helps us create a better learning environment.

We encourage children to voice their opinions and engage in discussions about important topics. We prioritise creating a safe environment where students can freely express their viewpoints, which we gather through a variety of means such as surveys, learning walks, and suggestion boxes. Our Year 6 leadership team regularly receives feedback from their peers, which is then discussed at Pupil Parliament and leadership team meetings. Each member of the team is assigned a specific role and is supported by a staff member. Together, these teams monitor various aspects of our school, including the curriculum, pupil behaviour and well-being, and the overall school environment.