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School Nurses & Counsellor

We are fortunate to have two fully qualified nurses who work part time as the school Matrons.  Their room is situated alongside the main visitors’ entrance into the main part of the school building.  Their responsibilities are to look after the physical well-being of the children during their day at school, dealing with most minor injuries and issues.

A comprehensive medical record is kept on all the children and parents are encouraged to inform the school of any changes that the children might undergo with regard to their medical requirements.  If children require medication to be given to them during the day this should be handed in to Matron in a bottle which is clearly labelled with the name of the child and the appropriate dose to be given out.  A form giving permission for medication to be administered needs to be completed at the same time.

If children require more serious medical attention then they will be taken to the nearest accident and emergency hospital.

Children are further supported by the introduction of Mental Health First Aiders (MHFA). These are staff members from across the school who have been specifically trained to provide mental health support throughout the school day. This team will help support children with immediate issues and will enable them to seek help from a broad staff base, if required.

When pupils reach Year 5& 6, an onsite counsellor is available, one day a week, to support those pupils suffering from specific traumas. The arrangements for this work on a referral, triage-based process, negotiated between parent/pupil, school and the counsellor, with the counsellor making the final decision on whether a programme of counselling support should be put in place. If specialist support is already being undertaken outside of school, this resource is not available.