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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy of learning is based on the Head, Heart, and Hand concept. Within our school, we describe this as Motivation, Engagement, and Thinking. When children are motivated (Heart) about a topic, they become more engaged (Hand), and this engagement encourages them to think (Head) more deeply about the subject.

Our Learning Habits


Motivation is the HEART, creating passion and a love for a topic.


Engagement is the HAND, the doing and trial and error aspect of learning.


When we think (HEAD), we engage our minds in a process of understanding and problem-solving. It involves analysing a topic and gathering information to achieve comprehension.




Our focus on Learning Habits is central to our approach and is consistently reinforced throughout the school. This instils a lifelong love of learning in our students. As they become more adept at utilising these habits, we introduce additional life skills and help them build a strong tool kit. By the time students reach Year 6 and assume leadership positions, they have a wealth of skills that have become second nature through consistent practice. We refer to this collection of skills as our Leadership Habits.

Our Leadership Habits