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Our Philosophy

Our Learning Philosophy centres around a concept of Head, Heart and Hand. In school, we refer to this as Motivation, Engagement and Thinking. If children are motivated (Heart) about a subject then they will be more engaged (Hand) and engagement leads them to thinking (Head) more around the subject.

Our Learning Habits


Motivation is the HEART, creating passion and a love for a topic.


Engagement is the HAND, the doing and trial and error aspect of learning.


Thinking is the HEAD, the figuring something out and reading around a topic to fully understand something.




The Learning Habits form the nucleus of what we do and are reinforced all the way through the school. This ensures our pupils are lifelong learners. As pupils become more comfortable with the learning habits we introduce other life skills and start to build up their tool kits. By the time a pupil reaches Year 6 and takes on their leadership position they have an arsenal of tools that have become habits over the years. We group these together as our Leadership Habits.

Our Leadership Habits