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Lower School – Years 1 & 2

In the Lower School department for both Years 1 and 2, we have three classes of 18 children in each year. Each class has a support assistant who works under the direction of the class teacher. The children follow a curriculum that is broad and balanced and incorporates the National Curriculum. In Lower School we offer our children specialist teaching in French, art, music, games, swimming and ICT.

The School Day


We offer an optional Breakfast Club from 7.30am – 8.15am. At the end of Breakfast Club the children are taken to their classrooms.

Children not using Breakfast Club can be brought to school between 8.00am and 8.20am every day, where a member of staff will welcome them on the drive as part of our kiss and drop system.  Registration takes place from 8.25am.

The end of day is at 3.30pm. Again, children going home will be brought to the drive for collection or go to 'holding' if they have an older sibling that they are collected with. Parents also have the option of booking Extended Day which runs until 6pm.


Each term parents are given the curriculum plan. These will show parents any topics or themes that term and means that they can help reinforce learning at home.

In English, we use a variety of schemes, tailored to the needs of our children to teach many of the key English skills. These skills aim to instil a love of reading and writing through a stimulating environment and specific teaching. This enables each pupil to progress in reading and writing letter sounds at a pace that is suitable for the individual, and thereby decode efficiently and write with growing confidence.

St Piran's places a high emphasis on mathematics and every pupil in the school has at least one mathematics lesson every day. The school begins setting in Year 2 placing the children in four ability groups which allows all pupils to find their correct level and gives each of them the opportunity to develop their mathematics skills. The sets are constantly reviewed throughout Middle and Upper school and regular testing and teacher assessment ensures that each pupil is in the appropriate set. 

The progress and development of St Piran's pupils in mathematics is outstanding, allowing them to achieve excellent results throughout the school and, most importantly, giving them access to senior schools of their choice.

Science is all around us and your children have probably already begun their journey as young scientists – without even knowing it. Questions such as “why is the sky blue?” and “where do stars come from?” demonstrate engagement with their environment on a scientific level. At St Piran's, we use a variety of teaching styles to encourage our pupils to question, observe, compare and investigate in order to achieve a greater understanding of the world around them. In Year 1 and 2 we incorporate science into a topic-based, creative curriculum.

Digital literacy is taught from Year 1 to ensure that children can express themselves and develop their ideas through information and communication technology. They are taught to be responsible, competent and creative users of information and communication technology, who understand about e-safety. Computer programming is introduced from Year 1 using control toys, such as Bee-Bots and interactive programming tools, such as Scratch Junior on the iPads. Children also develop an understanding of how information technology is used in the real world and how it impacts on their lives through the role-play of real-life scenarios, such as visiting a supermarket, library or bank.

The children are taught French by specialist linguists. Lessons are informal in their delivery; activities are lively, with the focus on oral communication, and the children develop the confidence to participate enthusiastically and without inhibition.

Music lessons and performance opportunities offer pupils the chance to step outside their comfort-zones in a safe and constructive environment. Our specialist teachers ensure the correct techniques are used from a very early age.

The children will have one swimming lesson a week as well as PE and games. In PE the children will learn the basic skills for team sports and in games they will learn healthy life habits and learn a love of sport. In Year 2 the children will have some competitive matches.