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Aims and Values

Our Vision

A St Piran's education nurtures and inspires, unlocking the potential of every child. Our pupils are respectful, happy, creative achievers of whom this School is enormously proud.

Our Mission

To be the school of choice for parents wishing to develop emotionally intelligent, socially confident children, with an appetite for learning and a will to succeed.

Our Objectives

  1. To provide an excellent education for children aged 2 to 11 years in a co-educational, mixed-ability setting.
  2. To equip the children with 21st-century leadership habits through teaching that exceeds the Early Years and National Curriculum.
  3. To safeguard and promote the welfare of every child whilst in the care of the school.
  4. To assess and address the educational needs and potential of every child, including special needs, in order to lead fulfilling lives.
  5. To provide a foundation for children's spiritual development and for an understanding of right and wrong, within a clear Christian ethos.
  6. To develop children's enjoyment and understanding of music and the arts, and to provide high-quality tuition, experience and performance opportunities in those areas.
  7. To provide a wide range of opportunities for children to develop their physical fitness and sporting ability, and to grow in social and leadership skills.
  8. To prepare children for successful transfer to the right choice of senior school.

We look forward to the school developing and continuing to strive for educational excellence aligned with St Piran's values and the principles of teaching children not what to think but HOW to think.

Our Values

At St Piran's, our dedication lies in fostering a nurturing atmosphere where everyone thrives. We strive:

  • to embody kindness - extending friendship, generosity, hope, love, and gratitude
  • to uphold respect - demonstrating fairness, honesty, humility, trust, and discernment
  • to embrace inclusivity - celebrating diversity, understanding democracy, faith, liberty, mindfulness, and wellbeing

Our Habits 

Our Learning Habits

The school focuses on instilling our learning habits from a very young age. These Learning Habits will form the foundation of lifelong learners.


Our Leadership Habits

We build on our learning habits with other life skills and embed them into habits. Our Year 6 pupils will leave St Piran's with a tool kit for leadership.