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We are lucky at St Piran's to have a wonderful catering team who provide delicious and nutritious lunch time dishes every day, as well as morning and afternoon snacks.

Our caterers are Thomas Franks, a top-class catering company, who cater for our pupils in a unique, interesting and exciting way using fresh, seasonal, ingredients.

Every meal is special and pupils are encouraged to be adventurous trying dishes that they may not have experienced elsewhere. Lunch is a dynamic and bustling experience at school and we make the food match the mood. Our seasonal menus cater for the full spectrum of special dietary requirements that your child may have.

Each day a different main meal and vegetarian option are served, along with freshly baked bread and a well stocked, salad bar providing additional options. We are introducing 'meat-free Mondays' twice a month and also a theme-based menu once a month, championing some new exotic ingredients and dishes from around the world.

Fresh fruit, yoghurts and other freshly made sweet treats are offered as part of our balanced meals.

Breakfast Club

A selection of cereals, toast juice and milk are available for those children attending Breakfast Club from 7.30am.

Snacks and Little Tea - Morning and Afternoon

Morning snacks are offered daily. Examples of the snacks available are homemade cheese and marmite straws, oaty biscuits, savoury muffins and fresh fruit.

An afternoon snack consists of a toasted crumpet, teacake, cheesy bread and fresh fruit.

Lunch Menus