Book Week 2020

Reading is my secret power!

Caped crusaders, crazy costumes and colourful characters! We had a jam-packed week of fun and creativity in our Book Week in January, bringing children and books together!

A celebration of reading and writing skills throughout the school, our Book Week promoted the power of books, the secret of imagination and the importance of super stories and heroic characters. We welcomed guest authors and asked them lots of questions, and the children took part in drama workshops. Displays around the classrooms inspired us to read and imagine, we had competitions, including our annual handwriting competition, and of course, our dress-up day, when staff and pupils alike donned their best hero costumes for the day!

The Travelling Book Fair was a huge success and each day we welcomed children and parents to buy books to share together. Older pupils spent time with younger buddies at playtime and read to them, making the week an inclusive event from Nursery through to Year 6.