School Transport

​St Piran's runs a morning school transport service, operating daily from Marlow.​

Our minibus service may be used by children in Years 3 to 6.

We pick up from the following points in Marlow:

07.40amCourt Garden car park
07.45amSpinfield Lane bus stop [Hand and Flowers]
07.48amQueen's Road bus stop
08.12amArrive at St Piran's

To find out more about booking our school transport for your child, please contact Adam Baskott by email:

Testimonials from current parents

"I can’t recommend the bus service highly enough. My daughter absolutely loves it and it makes her feel very grown up indeed! Meanwhile for us it offers great convenience and also good to know we’re doing our bit for the environment (and the school parking too)."

"We have used the school bus since the first day it ran. The bus is, without fail, always on time and waiting for us. The children are met with a friendly, familiar face, who both I and they trust and are pleased to see in the morning. They let me know they’ve arrived safe and well every day. The bus makes everyone’s mornings better."

"My son loves taking the bus. He gets to meet different pupils from the school and it gives a real sense of independence. It’s a fantastic service, always on time and run really well with the arrival messages."

"The school bus is good preparation for the independence of Secondary School. My daughter will bus to school from Year 7, so it’s been really good for her to have a practice run in Year 6 – and she’s really enjoyed it too!"

"On the days I work from home, I now have time to drop him to the bus, have a long walk by the river with the dog and have a coffee before I start work at 9am. I love it!"

"The bus makes everyone’s mornings better." Current parent