Modern Foreign Languages

At St Piran’s, we encourage our children to develop a passion for language learning, as well as an appreciation and understanding of people from other cultures. The MFL Department promotes the fundamental life-skills of initiative, confidence, cooperation and independence.

Learning to Enjoy Languages

We firmly believe that enjoyment of the language learning process is essential. Our lessons incorporate a range of activities which enable children of all abilities and with differing learning styles to access the content and feel a sense of achievement. We hold a biennial whole school French Day, which gives all pupils – and staff – the chance to immerse themselves in a wide range of linguistic and cultural activities. Our Year 5 pupils have a day trip to Boulogne-Sur-Mer, which is the culmination of much of the work studied, and many of our pupils have taken part in French poetry recital competitions. 

A Subject for Intrepid Explorers

MFL is for intrepid explorers! Whether they enjoy learning about different cultures in the classroom or get bitten by the travel-bug, we look forward to giving pupils a wider appreciation of the world they live in.

Reception to Year 3

All children at St Piran's study French from Reception onwards, and are taught by specialist linguists. From Reception to Year 3, lessons are informal in their delivery; activities are lively, with the focus on oral communication, and the children develop the confidence to participate enthusiastically and without inhibition.

Years 4 & 5

From Year 4 onwards, pupils begin to experience a slightly more structured approach to their lessons, although the emphasis is still firmly on having fun. The children are exposed to the key skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing, and their progress in each of these areas is monitored, assessed and recorded in a variety of ways. 

Year 6

By the end of Year 6, children at St Piran's have a solid grounding in the basics of French, including knowledge of a wide range of vocabulary and an understanding of some grammatical concepts. They can apply their knowledge in a variety of contexts, which will enable them to move onto their senior schools with confidence in their own linguistic ability and, hopefully, a desire to embrace further linguistic opportunities.

During the second half of the year, our Year 6 children study either Spanish or Latin in addition to French. This gives them a chance to extend their knowledge, to make links between languages, and to gain a further insight into the history and culture of other people.