With over 200 years behind us, St Piran's fully understands the value of examining the past to shape the future. Learning from the success and failures of the peoples of the past is as important as learning from our own. However, history at St Piran’s can be as much about current events, as it can about those that took place hundreds of years ago; our History Department sees the subject as something that’s continually shedding its skin and evolving, even as we live it.

The Important Questions

While we teach our students analytical skills, we also instil in them a broad, cultural awareness. History teaches us to appreciate multiple perspectives and interpretations and the importance of curiosity. Asking 'Why?', 'When?', 'Where?' and 'How?' are just as important as knowing 'Who'.

The study of history at St Piran's aims to develop the following skills:

  • to enhance children's knowledge and understanding of people in the past and how they lived their lives.
  • to explore concepts of chronology, causation, continuity and change, similarity and difference. 
  • to learn to understand how the past shapes the present.
  • to develop the historical skills of analysis, comparison and synthesis, which are also relevant to future study. 
  • to help children to make informed judgements about the past which are reached through discussion, questioning, hypothesizing, interpretation, research and enquiry.

    • to promote and help to develop qualities of scepticism, empathy and imagination.
    • to learn to appreciate and understand that there can be different interpretations of history.
    • to gain an increased understanding and knowledge of the past by using evidence and historical sources. 
    • We aim to have fun in learning!

A Subject for Detectives

History is for detectives. At St Piran's, we like to nurture and hone our pupils' natural curiosity, to turn it into an investigatory tool. Through developing empathy, scepticism and imagination, we improve our students' critical thinking skills and reward them with the excitement of discovery.