Geography is a subject which informs every aspect of our lives. The St Piran's Geography Department aims to provide a landscape against which students can begin to contextualise what is going on in the world around them, from their immediate environment, to what they watch on television and hear in the news, to countries on the other side of the world.

Contextualising the World Around Us

In addition, geography helps to put other subjects in context, transforming them from classroom theories into practical applications. It prepares children for life and empowers them to become active global citizens, by helping them to understand that there may be more than one way of tackling specific, real-life problems.

A Subject for Adventurous Spirits

Geography at St Piran's gives real purpose to the use of new technologies and prepares children for the world of work, teaching them the skills of analysis and synthesis.

At its heart, geography is a subject for adventurous spirits. Whether your child enjoys classroom study or feels the spark that ignites their inner Indiana Jones, we look forward to them joining us on their first educational expeditions.