Tutor Point

At St Piran's all teachers seek to develop the individual child and meet their needs. However, it is in the nature of learning that children may require additional support at some time in their school life, whether it is educational, social or emotional.

Educational Scaffolding

Learning support at St Piran's, known as Tutor Point, is the scaffolding with which we support students who need help to understand new ideas and concepts, giving them a deeper understanding of a subject or topic. This scaffolding is provided by an experienced, fully qualified team, who work with our teachers to devise strategies for use in the classroom. Should a child require more specific intervention, we offer individual or group lessons in literacy, numeracy and study skills. A trained member of the school's Pastoral Team works with children with emotional or behavioural problems.

Focusing on the Individual Needs of Each Child

Individual programmes aim to build on the child's strengths and address their areas of weakness, using multi-sensory methods. Children's progress is reviewed regularly and discussed with teachers and parents. If necessary, other specialists outside the school are consulted. The Tutor Point staff are closely involved in developing and delivering training and resources to develop the staff's knowledge and understanding of the wide range of our children's individual needs.

A Learning Aid for those who Think Outside the Box 

Learning Support is for those who find the formal confines of education challenging.   With the help of the Tutor Point Department all children are encouraged to cultivate a positive approach to learning and develop the confidence to participate fully in all that the school offers.