MS Teams FAQs

Some answers to your frequently asked questions about the use of Microsoft Teams.

Teams is not working well in the browser Please make sure you have the Teams app downloaded. 
I have a Chromebook, will teams work? Teams has been optimised to work in the browser, but if you do run into any problems try downloading the app from the Chrome Playstore.   
Why can’t I play the video? We have begun uploading to Microsoft Stream, for any future videos. It should work more reliably. 
YouTube says it’s restricted on my school-provided laptop; what do I do?The YouTube restrictions have been lifted on the laptops, however, please ensure your home broadband has adequate filtering.
Purple Mash/Education City keeps asking for Flash PlayerUnfortunately, Flash has become end of life and is no longer active. It is the website’s duty to update their site to be compatible with the new standard. Most of Purple Mash and Education City has been updated. 
I can’t access Microsoft Office programmes without it wanting to charge me Get a free download using your child’s Teams login at 
Microsoft office asks me to sign in when a teacher sets some work. I put in my email and password but it says I need permission? You will need to log in with the pupil’s MS Teams email address and password. 
Where are recorded lessons? Where lessons have been pre-recorded, they will be added as a link to the reference materials within the assignment.  
How do I change the notifications on the Teams app?  Using a laptop/computer, click the child's initials and access the settings. From here, you can set the notifications as you would like them. You can also change the status. Changing the status to 'Do not disturb' will stop any notifications coming through. 
I am having some issues with varying parts of assignments, editing/uploading, etc. Mrs Mackenzie has uploaded a video to all the children’s IT teams; please look out for and watch this. 
Where do I find assignment feedback? You are best to go back into the assignment where they handed it in or use the assignments tab on the left-hand side. The activity tab will be very busy with notifications. 
I am having trouble uploading photos to Teams Download Office Lens