Staff and Governing Body

Below is a list of all our teaching and non-teaching staff at St Piran's School.

Senior Management Team
J Carroll BA(Hons), B.Phil.Ed, PGCE, NPQHHeadmaster
Ms B Jones BEdDeputy Head & Pastoral Care
S Robinson BEd (Hons), QTSDirector of Studies
Miss A Edmundson FdAHead of Early Years and Nursery Manager
Mrs J Ogden BSc (Hons), MABursar

Middle and Upper School Staff
Miss L Americanos MA, PGCEYear 4 Form Teacher
Miss H Armstrong BTec Level 3Middle School Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Bahra-Morgan NVQ      Middle School Teaching Assistant
Mrs B Bailey HDE, QTS Head of Religious Studies and PSHCE
Mrs H Bambridge MA, QTS Head of Geography & Year 5 Form Teacher
Mrs C Barlow BA (Hons), PGCE Head of Upper School, Head of MFL & Year 5 Form Teacher
Mrs A Bersier BEd (Hons) Director of Music
Mrs I Brown MA, PGCEMaths Teacher
Mrs A Burnage NVQ (Child Care & Education) Head of Swimming
Mrs S Cartwright BA (Hons) Head of Middle School & Year 3 Form Teacher
Mrs E Chahal QTS, PGCEYear 4 Form Teacher (mat. cover)
Mrs S D'amaro-Johnston BA, PGCEGames Teacher
Mrs J Forster BMus (Hons) QTS Music Accompanist
Mrs J Fricker BEd (Hons)Games Teacher
Miss L Galloso BA (Hons) Head of English and GAT & Year 6 Form Teacher
Mrs N Girdler OCR Level 5Tutor Point Teacher
Mrs B Gray CACHE Diploma QCF Level 3Middle School Teaching Assistant 
Ms J Gresham BA (Hons), QTS Head of IT and Year 5 Form Teacher
J Grice BSoc.Sci (Hons), HDE Head of History and Year 6 Form Teacher
Ms E Holloway BA (Hons), PGCEGames Teacher
Mrs K Holmes BSc, QTS Head of Girls’ Games
Mrs E Kennedy BA (Hons), ITTI Cert, DLLCModern Foreign Languages Teacher
Mrs G Linley Nat. DipMiddle School Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Martin BA (Hons), PG Dip GSMD Music Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Mayor BMus, QTS
Year 3 Form Teacher
Miss S McLeodGames Gap Student
Mrs B McMillan, CACHE Level 3Upper School Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Mielewska, QTSUpper School Teaching Assistant
Mrs H Mushtaq, MA, PGCEHead of Art
Miss G Newman BEd (Hons) Head of Science
Miss E Patching BSc (Hons)PGCE Trainee Teacher
Mrs Z Peck BA (Hons), QTS Maths Teacher & Year 6 Form Teacher
Mrs J Peppiatt Cert Ed, AMBDA (Teaching)Tutor Point Teacher
Mrs C Rawlins BA (Hons) QTSEnglish Teacher
Mrs S Robertson BSc (Hons) QTS Games Teacher
Mrs S Simmons MEd, Dip RSA SENCO
M Smith BSc (Hons), PGCE Head of Boys’ Games
Mrs C Stevens BA (Hons), QTS Head of Design Technology
Mrs R Togwell BA (Hons), QTS, ASA Level 2, NPLQ  Year 4 Form Teacher
Mrs C Tse BA (Hons), QTSYear 4 Form Teacher
Mrs S Wadsworth BA, QTS Head of Maths & Year 6 Form Teacher
Mrs M Wilson Cert Ed Year 3 Form Teacher
Miss K Wright Warhurst CACHE Level 3  Art and DT Teaching Assistant

Lower School and Early Years Staff
Mrs K Arnott EYFD Early Years Coordinator
Mrs K CarpenterLower School Nursery Nurse
Mrs E Carter NNEBYear 1 Nursery Nurse
Mrs J Coulson BA (Hons), PGCE, CACHE Level 3Nursery Room Leader
Mrs J Crick NNEB                                                        Year 1 Nursery Nurse
Mrs A Dasgupta CACHE Lvl 3, Dip EYLower School Nursery Nurse
Miss L Fox Nursery Assistant
Mrs N Franklin-Njunge CACHE Diploma Nursery Nurse
Mrs S Frost-Wellings BA (Hons), PGCEReception Teacher (maternity leave)
Miss K Gifford BA (Hons)  
Year 2 Nursery Nurse
Miss M Hall NVQ Level 3Nursery Room Leader
Mrs K Handford BA (Hons) [mat.leave]Year 2 Form Teacher
Mrs S Haywood BA (Hons)Nursery Assistant
Mrs J House CACHE Level 3Reception Nursery Nurse
Mrs N Huxley BEdYear 2 Form Teacher
Mrs S Jenkins BEd (Hons)Reception Form Teacher
Mrs L Kellett BSc (Hons), NVQ Level 3Year 1 Nursery Nurse
Mrs R Kiely NNEBYear 2 Nursery Nurse
Miss J Kurpiel NNEBYear 2 Nursery Nurse
Mrs J Lyons  Nursery Assistant
Miss R Mettler BA (Hons), PGCEYear 1 Form Teacher
S McLeod CACHE Diploma, Level 3, CYPWNursery Nurse
Mrs D Pearson CACHE Diploma, Level 3Nursery Assistant
Miss S Perry BTEC Level 3Nursery Room Leader and Nursery Nurse
Miss K Pevy CACHE Diploma, Level 3Nursery Nurse
Mrs S Plummer CACHE Diploma, Level 3Reception Nursery Nurse
Mrs A Robertson Dip EdYear 2 Maths Teacher
Mrs T Robinson BEd (Hons)Lower School Art Teacher
Mrs L Robinson BA (Hons)Reception Nursery Nurse
Mrs E Satchwell BA (Hons) Early Years Nursery Room Leader (maternity leave)
Miss S Scott CACHE Diploma, Level 3Teaching Assistant and Nursery Nurse
Mrs J Sears BA (Hons) Early Years Reception Form Teacher
Miss L Shilston BA (Hons) QTSActing Lower School Co-ordinator and Year 1 Form Teacher
Mrs A Shirley CACHE Diploma, Level 3Nursery Nurse
Ms M Sowden-OmarReception Teacher (maternity cover)
Miss E Squire BTEC Level 3Nursery Nurse
Mrs L Steere NNEB, NVQ Level 3Nursery Room Leader
Mrs L Stevens BA (Hons), PGCE
Head of Lower School and Year 2 Teacher (maternity leave)
Miss V Sultana NNEBYear 1 Nursery Nurse
Mrs Z Vyletelova BTEC, MgrReception Nursery Nurse
Mrs S Warman BEd (Hons)    Acting Head of Lower School (from Oct) and Year 2 Form Teacher
Mrs N Williams HDEYear 1 Form Teacher
Mrs C Williams BA (Hons), PGCEYear 2 Form Teacher
Mrs J Williams BSc (Hons), TDUK Level 3 DipPre-Prep Assistant
Peripatetic Music Staff
M CoxBrass
J Davis Percussion
G Deats BA (Hons) Cert (PG) GSMD Cello
Mrs E Douglas ARCM Piano
Mrs A Good BA (Hons) Singing
Mrs V MacLachlan MMusWoodwind
Mrs J McCulloch BA (Hons)  Flute, Recorder
G Power Guitar
G Sculpher Guitar
J Smith BMusSinging
Mrs J White MA PGDip (RCM) Piano
Support Staff
Miss C BassettHead's PA
Mrs D McLellandRegistrar
Mrs J Errington BA (Hons)School Secretary
Mrs D LavertySchool Secretary
Mrs C FrostReceptionist
Mrs L Thorn-DavisReceptionist
Mrs L Highy RGNMatron
Miss S George BA MSc (Children’s Nursing)Matron
Mrs C RogersFinance Officer
Mrs P Carragher BA (Hons), ACMAAccountant
C Benn MCGICompliance Officer and Bursary Support
B Razaq BSc (Hons)Network Manager
R Scaldwell Facilities Manager
P WebbGrounds Maintenance
G HuntSchool Maintenance
M Battimelli School Maintenance
Mrs K Carpenter                               Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs A Dasgupta CACHE Level 3, Dip EYLunchtime Supervisor & Breakfast Club Assistant
Mrs J Griffiths  Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs C LovellLunchtime Supervisor
Mrs J Lyons     Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs B McMillanLunchtime Supervisor
Mrs D Pearson CACHE Level 3Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs C Radford CACHE Level 2Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Z VyletelovaLunchtime Supervisor
Mrs J Williams BSc (Hons) TQUK Lev 3 DipLunchtime Supervisor
S Barker NVQ NPLQ                             St Piran's Centre Manager and Activities Manager
M Dale BSc (Hons)St Piran's Centre Assistant Manager and Activities Manager
R HarvieSt Piran's Centre Supervisor
P StarrSt Piran's Centre Supervisor
T Usher BA (Hons), Cert EdGames Coach
T LambertGames Coach
P Lloyd ASA, Snr CoachPiranhas Swimming Club Manager
Mrs A Lewis-Slater CACHE Level 3, DPPExtended Day and Holiday Club Manager
Mrs V Cook CACHE Level 3Extended Day Assistant
R Goodall Dip. Childcare, CACHE Level 3Extended Day and Breakfast Club Assistant
Mrs J Griffiths CACHE Level 2Extended Day Assistant
Mrs A Mielewska QTSBreakfast Club Assistant and Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs B McMillan CACHE Level 3Extended Day Assistant and Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs P Plank Extended Day Assistant


Mrs Kate Taylor [Chairman]  Qualified Solicitor and Company Director 
Jesse ElzingaHeadmaster, Reading Blue Coat School
Chris Kendall Programme Manager
Andrew Kennedy Company Director
Chris Lambert Retired Chartered Accountant 
Rev Sally LynchVicar, St Luke's Church
Mrs Elaine MarrinerCompany Secretary
Mrs Louise MorganChartered Surveyor, Senior Acquisition and Development Manager
Mrs Helen Ness-Gifford Headmistress, Pipers Corner
Mrs Claire Robinson Headmistress, Holme Grange School
Olivier Subramanian IT Consultant 
Mrs Harriet SubramanianManaging Director
Michael WindsorHeadmaster, Reading Blue Coat School