Remembrance Assembly 2018

The Whole School Remembrance Assembly took on additional poignancy this year, the 100th Anniversary of the signing of the Armistice on the 11th of November 1918, and to mark the occasion we had a visit from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

Miss Fiona Smith came to school to talk to the children about the work of the Commission in maintaining the graves of hundreds of thousands of British and Commonwealth soldiers who died in the Great War, as well as those who have died in subsequent conflicts, from the Second World War to the Falkland Islands conflict. The promise made by the CWGC is that the graves of the fallen will be tended to in perpetuity, or as she told the children, “…for ever and ever”. 

It is difficult for young children to empathise with the loss of so many people in a conflict that is very far away now in the memories of most people. However, we all have a duty to remember the fallen, whatever their cultural or linguistic heritage, whatever the colour of their skin and or religious beliefs, from whichever part of the world they came to offer support to Britain in her time of need, and to remember them.

There are many Commonwealth War Graves which can be visited by parents and children throughout the year. A database is available for you to find out more about those people buried in the CWGC cemeteries nearest to you. Our sincere thanks to Miss Smith for a very accessible and enlightening talk, and for helping the children to become more aware of the work done by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.