Music and Drama

Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits!

Summer 2018 saw Baghdad come to Maidenhead in our latest Year 6 production of Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits, featuring an epic cast of palace guards, bandits, handmaidens, genies, sheiks, traders and citizens on the St Piran's stage. Narrated by Alakazam, we saw the evil Grand Vizier plan the theft of the royal red ruby from Sultan Pepper. But it's up to Princess Satsuma to go out in disguise and team up with Ali Baba to save the day, along with Ali's mum Flossy Baba and the magical Genie Bros. 

And can any production be complete without a flatulent camel called Humphrey? (which must have been the hottest place to be on such a warm evening!)

Featuring memorable musical and dance numbers with impressive choreography, the production showcased the many and diverse talents of the year. And let's not forget the talented live band of teachers and support staff!

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