Early Years curriculum

As a school, we have chosen to opt out of the Early Years Foundation Stage framework. This means that we have the freedom to plan our activities based on the children's interests, which may lead us out on a Gruffalo Hunt around our idyllic site or to baking gingerbread men in the school's kitchen! We are also allowed to write and follow our own assessments, rather than those set by the government. This gives us the flexibility to clearly identify your child's achievements and set their next steps. All activities planned are designed to cover everything in the Early Years Foundation Stage framework and more.

We are living in an ever changing world, and the education your child receives during their school life is preparing them for the unknown. With this in mind, we have designed a skills-based curriculum which will teach your children the learning skills they will need throughout their whole life. We have called this the St Piran's Learning Habits. 

Within the Early Years the focus is on three main areas:


We encourage the children to explore the environment they are in and access resources independently. We let the children take on roles within their play and explore what it feels like to be in someone else's shoes, teaching empathy and understanding. We allow the children to take risks within their learning and push themselves out of their comfort zone, we also encourage them to manage risks independently.


We encourage the children to keep trying if they face difficulties and teach them that it is ok to make mistakes! We teach the children that the learning process is just as important as the end result and encourage them to complete activities for their own satisfaction rather than for rewards or praise.


We value each child's ideas and encourage them to have independent thoughts rather than following the crowd, finding original ways to do things. We want the children to choose how they want to complete an activity and learn through trial and error, modifying their approach as they work.