Science is all around us and your children have probably already begun their journey as young scientists – without even knowing it. Questions such as “why is the sky blue?” and “where do stars come from?” demonstrate engagement with their environment on a scientific level. At St Piran's, we use a variety of teaching styles to encourage our pupils to question, observe, compare and investigate in order to achieve a greater understanding of the world around them.

More than Abstract Theories

Early Years and Key Stage 1 incorporate science into a topic-based, creative curriculum. Lower and Upper Key Stage 2 broadly follows the new National Curriculum for science, studying topics such as light, forces, habitats and materials. Up until the end of Year 4, science is taught by class teachers. In Years 5 and 6, our children are taught by a subject-specialist teacher. St Piran's offers multi-sensory teaching that relates topics to everyday experiences, making science a real, practical and exciting subject, rather than abstract theories.

A Subject for Questioning Minds

Science is for those who ask questions. However, science also teaches patience; it's very rare that any of the great, scientific discoveries happened overnight; practice, patience, observation and an eye for detail are just as important as an enquiring mind. At St Piran's, we look forward to taking your child on a journey that will provide solid, scientific literacy that will help in all walks of life.