Religious Education

St Piran's is essentially a Christian school. The children discover the Bible's Old Testament in chronological order, through Years 3 and 4. They also delve into the New Testament and discover more about Jesus' miracles and the parables he taught. During these years, they also discover more about world faiths, in particular Judaism and Hinduism.

Some of Life's Big Questions

An awareness of faith, a sense of belonging and an appreciation of other faiths is cultivated from an early age at St Piran's. In Years 1 and 2 the children are introduced to some of the more well-known stories of the Old and New Testament. They are encouraged to learn more about, and appreciate, prominent festivals and celebrations of all cultures; including Diwali, Shrove Tuesday and celebrating the days dedicated to various saints. The children are also introduced to various places of worship and to a range of activities carried out in these places of worship, such as: weddings, baptisms, confirmations etc. At St Piran's, we encourage children to make links between the topics taught and the application of this to their daily lives. Children are encouraged to be kind, to think of others and to model the Christian attitudes taught by Christ.

The Year 5 children are challenged to think more about the way we should behave, to resist temptation, delve into life after death across the world faiths and question whether seeing is believing. They are encouraged to make links to other world faiths and to continually reflect on the topics and voice their own opinions.

In Year 6, children continue with some of life’s 'big questions', balancing their views of the Genesis creation story with a look at the 'Big Bang Theory'. They are encouraged to think about why people have a faith and when do people usually commit themselves to their faith.

A Subject for Inquisitive Minds

RE is for those with inquisitive minds. The children are constantly reminded that faith is a matter of personal choice and that while they may be exposed to the facts behind many world faiths, the ultimate choice is theirs and in their own time.