St Piran’s School Mathematics Department provides every pupil with an opportunity to benefit from mathematical experiences, helping them to acquire the skills and understanding required for other subjects studied and in everyday life. It reflects the essential part that mathematics plays in education and encourages a positive attitude amongst pupils, in order to foster self-confidence and a sense of achievement. In addition, the St Piran’s Mathematics Department acknowledges the individual learning strengths and needs of each child, promoting an appreciation of mathematics both for itself and for its usefulness, giving pupils the confidence to communicate in mathematical terms.

Having a Go at Maths

It is hoped that pupils at St Piran's will gain a positive attitude in mathematics by encouraging every child to have a willingness to “have a go” and appreciate the purpose, power and relevance of mathematics. The pupils need to be flexible and creative in their thinking and have the ability to check and control their own work. Pupils are encouraged to co-operate within a group and achieve satisfaction derived from a sense of achievement.

Learning at the Correct Level

St Piran's places a high emphasis on mathematics and every pupil in the school has at least one mathematics lesson every day. The school begins setting in Year 2 placing the children in four ability groups which allows all pupils to find their correct level and gives each of them the opportunity to develop their mathematic skills. The sets are constantly reviewed throughout Middle and Upper school and regular testing and teacher assessment ensures that each pupil is in the appropriate set. 

The progress and development of St Piran's pupils in mathematics is outstanding, allowing them to achieve excellent results throughout the school and, most importantly, giving them access to senior schools of their choice.

A Subject for Game-Changers

Mathematics is a subject for game-changers. We know that the scientists, innovators and inventors of the tomorrow are taught in our classrooms today. With a sound and successful foundation in mathematics at their fingertips, St Piran's pupils are well-placed to begin their educational adventures, with logic, reasoning and creativity.