Design Technology

Teaching both creativity and practicality, there's no other subject quite like design technology. The St Piran's DT Department provides an outstanding backdrop against which our students can explore, understand and begin to improve the world around them. At its heart, is the ethos that you can only move forward by making mistakes and learning from them.

Learning Skills for Life

In addition to teaching how to take something from an initial, ephemeral concept, to a working, physical product, design technology at St Piran's teaches children how to work together. While there might be a virtuoso in a group, they're much less effective without the rest of the orchestra! As our pupils learn the mechanics of DT, they also learn a set of life-skills that will be invaluable as they move to new schools and meet new peers.

Practical Applications

Design technology is an inspiring, rigorous subject that offers a multitude of day-to-day applications. In addition to working with media, such as plastic and metal, St Piran's pupils use disciplines, such as mathematics, science, engineering, computing and art, and apply them to work in other areas, such as working with textiles and in food technology lessons.

A Subject for Problem-Solvers

Design technology is for those who like to dream big and solve problems. To this end, we have an exceptional design technology suite, with all the tools and technology our pupils need, at their disposal.