Lower School – Years 1 and 2

In the Lower School department for both Years 1 and 2, we have three classes of 18 children in each year. Each class has a support assistant who works under the direction of the class teacher. The children follow a curriculum that is broad and balanced and incorporates the National Curriculum. In Lower School we offer our children specialist teaching in French, art, music, games, swimming and ICT.

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Middle School - Years 3 and 4

Throughout their time in Middle School, pupils are encouraged to achieve their full potential across the whole range of traditional subjects.

They are also given opportunities to develop their abilities in art, music, ICT, technology and to participate in poetry and acting performances. In Middle School, the class teacher is responsible for teaching English, mathematics (in sets), science, history, geography, art, DT and PSHCE. In addition, the children are taught French, music, RE, ICT, games, PE and swimming by specialist teachers.

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Upper School - Years 5 and 6

The curriculum in these years follows, but goes far beyond, the National Curriculum. In small classes, the children are taught the core subjects as well as French, history, geography and religious education. There are also weekly sessions of music, art, design technology, PE, swimming, ICT and twice-weekly sessions of team games. Children in Year 6 also have the opportunity to study either Latin or Spanish. Children are placed into one of four sets according to ability for mathematics and English. This allows the teachers to extend the more able and to give those who need it, the support that they require to ensure that the basics of numeracy and literacy are firmly established. 

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