Wednesday 29th March 2017
St. Pirans - Inspiring Confidence
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March 2017
Welcome to St Piran's Maidenhead

Nursery Information

During the day at St Piran's Nursery there is a lively buzz as the children engage in a wide variety of activities. The Nursery is set in idyllic surroundings with plenty of secure outdoor space.

The Nursery garden is home to local wildlife, with an abundance of squirrels to entertain the children. Climbing frames and slides provide endless fun and exercise for the children.

During playtime the children can be seen whizzing up and down the playground on a variety of tricycles and tractors!

Inside the Nursery the children are busy participating in a variety of "messy" activities including painting, playdough, sand and water play and cooking.

In the other areas of the Nursery the children can be found "making music", dressing-up, using construction toys, and learning various language and mathematics skills.

As if this is not enough to stimulate the children we offer weekly swimming, dance and gymnastics lessons on site.