Sunday 24th June 2018
St. Pirans - Inspiring Confidence
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School Calendar
School Calendar Category
Mon 4th JunSchool resumes after half term
09:00 to 14:50Years 5 & 6 examinations
13:10School Parliament Meeting
13:10Eco Parliament Meeting
Tue 5th JunAll DayYear 3 Visit to Windsor Great Park Crown Estate
All DayYears 5 & 6 examinations
Years 5 & 6 examinations
17:10Isle of Wight Residential Information Evening for Year 6 Parents
Wed 6th JunYears 5 & 6 examinations
All DayNursery visit to Cotswold Wildlife Park
14:30Rounders v LVS, U10A & B (A)
14:30Rounders v LVS, U11A & B (H)
14:30Cricket v Crosfields, U11C & U10C (H)
14:30Cricket v St Andrew's, U11B & U10B (A)
14:30Cricket v St Andrew's, U11A & U10A (H)
19:00Senior Schools' Transfer and Grammar School Information Evening
Thu 7th JunAll DayYear 4 Visit to Braywick Nature Centre
18:30Governors' Finance and General Purposes Committee Meeting
Fri 8th Jun 14:30Rounders v LVS, U9/U8A & U9/U8B (A)
14:30Cricket v Bishopsgate, U8D (A)
14:30Cricket v Holme Grange, U8A, B, C (A)
14:30Cricket v Holme Grange, U9A, B, C (H)
16:25Chapel Service: Mrs Liz Kennedy, St Piran's Prayer Group
Sat 9th JunAll DayIAPS National Swimming Finals at London Aquatics Centre, U11 & U10 (TBC on qualifying)
Summer Ball
19:00St Piran's Society Masquerade Ball
Mon 11th Jun 08:35Clan Assembly
09:15Year 2 Inter Clan Swimming Gala
11:00Year 1 Inter Clan Swimming Gala
14:50Upper School Inter Clan Cricket Competition
19:00New Reception Parents' Information Evening
Tue 12th Jun 13:15Trampolining Competition, Years 3 & 4
19:00Current Year 4 Parents' Information Evening - "Moving up to Upper School"
Wed 13th JunAll DayYear 2 Visit to Kew Gardens
14:30Rounders v St George's, U10A & B (A)
14:30Rounders v St George's, U11A & B (H)
14:30Cricket v Holme Grange, U10A, B, C (H)
14:30Cricket v Holme Grange, U11A, B, C (A)
16:30Calendar Meeting
Thu 14th JunAll DayNon-uniform day in support of class nominated charities
Class Fair Stalls Afternoon
16:30Tennis v Lambrook U11 (A)
Fri 15th JunAll DayLower School International Day
09:00 to 12:00Year 6 play "Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits" Technical Rehearsal
14:30Rounders v St George's, U9A, U8A & B, (A)
14:30Cricket v St Andrew's, U8A & C (H)
14:30Cricket v Holme Grange, U9C (A)
14:30Cricket v St Andrew's, U9A & B (A)
16:25Chapel Service: Mr Jonathan Carroll, Headmaster
Sat 16th Jun 10:00 to 15:30Middle and Upper School Sports Day
Mon 18th JunAll DayWest Surrey Regional Athletics at Bracknell, Girls U11, U10, U9
17:00Swimming Gala v Papplewick, U11 & U9 (A)
18:00 to 20:30Tutor Point Parents' Evening
18:00 to 20:30Middle School Parents' Evening
Tue 19th Jun 08:15 to 09:00EYFS Fathers' Day Breakfast
11:00West Surrey Regional Athletics at Bracknell, Boys U11 & U10
Wed 20th JunAll DayCricket Tournament at Oratory, U10A (A)
09:15Year 6 play "Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits" Dress Rehearsal - Years 1-4 to watch
11:30Cast Photographs
14:30Rounders v Daneshill, U10A & B (H)
14:30Rounders v Daneshill, U11A, B, C (A)
14:30Cricket v St Neot's, U10B & C (A)
14:30Cricket v Lambrook, U11C (H)
14:30Cricket v St Neot's, U11A & B (H)
16:00 to 18:00Tutor Point Parents' Afternoon
16:30 to 18:00Middle School Parents' Afternoon
18:30Full Governing Body Meeting
Thu 21st JunAll DayReception Visit to Bekonscot Model Village
15:30 to 17:00Year 6 play "Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits" - First Performance - Year 5 to watch
17:30South Africa Exchange Trip - Initial Information Evening for current Year 5 Parents
Fri 22nd Jun 14:15Cricket v Oratory Prep, U9A, B, C (A)
14:15Cricket v Oratory Prep, U8A, B, C (H)
16:10No Chapel Service - Upper School to go home
19:00Year 6 play 'Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits' followed by after-show party
Mon 25th JunYear 6 Residential Week departs for Isle of Wight
11:35Year 4 Inter Clan Swimming Gala
14:00Cricket v Papplewick, U7 (A)
14:10Year 3 Inter Clan Swimming Gala
Tue 26th JunAll DayYear 1 Seaside Day - "History Off the Page"
14:50Middle School Inter Clan Cricket Competition
16:15Swimming Gala v St George's, U10 & U9 (H)
20:00St Piran's Society Meeting
Wed 27th Jun 09:05Reception and Lower School Sports Day Rehearsal
14:30Cricket v Daneshill, U10C (H)
14:30Cricket v Daneshill, U10A & B (A)
Thu 28th Jun 09:30 to 10:30Nursery Sports Day
11:00 to 15:00Reception and Lower School Sports Day
Fri 29th JunYear 6 Residential Week returns
14:15Cricket v Oldfield Primary, U9D & U8D (H)
14:15Cricket v Papplewick, U8A, B, C (A)
14:15Cricket v Papplewick, U9A, B, C (H)
14:30Rounders v Oratory Prep, U9A & B (H)
14:30Rounders v Oratory Prep, U8A & B (A)
16:10No Chapel Service - Year 5 to go home