Wednesday 29th March 2017
St. Pirans - Inspiring Confidence
Natural History Museum Year 1 Blazers Swimming Pool in action Running in front of school Dancing Science experiment in the pool Summer at St P cricket
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School Calendar
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Wed 1st MarAll DayYear 1 Visit to The Look Out Discovery Centre, Bracknell
13:30St Piran's Netball Tournament, U11 & U10
14:30Rugby v Holme Grange, U11A, B, C, U10C (A)
14:30Rugby v Holme Grange, U10A & B (H)
16:30 to 18:30Year 5 Parents' Afternoon
Thu 2nd MarAll DayIAPS Regional Netball Tournament at Felsted School, Essex, Colts A
St Piran's Day and Non-Uniform Day in aid of The St Piran Trust, Cornwall
09:15St Piran's Millstone Race
10:00Middle and Upper School General Knowledge Quiz
16:30 to 18:30Pre-Prep Parents' Afternoon
Fri 3rd Mar 14:15Rugby v Holme Grange, U9A, B, C (H)
14:30Rugby v Holme Grange, U8A, B, C, D (A)
16:35Chapel Service
Sat 4th Mar 09:00Rugby Tournament at St George's, U10A (A)
10:30 to 16:30IAPS Table Tennis Championships, Edge Grove School, Herts
Mon 6th MarWaste Week - Eco Parliament Initiative
14:00Rugby v Papplewick, U7 (A)
16:15St Piran's Trampoline Competition for Year 4 Squad
18:00 to 20:30Middle School Parents' Evening
Tue 7th Mar 16:30Swimming Gala v St John's Beaumont, U11 & U10 (A)
Wed 8th Mar 14:30Rugby v Bishopsgate, U11A,B,C
14:30Rugby v Ludgrove, U10A, B, C (A)
16:30 to 18:00Middle School Parents' Afternoon
Thu 9th MarFrench Poetry Competition
08:15 to 09:15St Piran's Society Summer Ball tickets on sale
14:15Cross Country at St Neot's, U11 Boys & Girls (A)
15:15 to 16:15St Piran's Society Summer Ball tickets on sale
Fri 10th Mar 13:30St Piran's Netball Tournament, U9 & U8
16:35Chapel Service: Mr Andrew Colpus, Headmaster, St Joseph's College
17:30 to 19:00Staff v Parents Mixed Volleyball Tournament
Sat 11th MarAll DayIAPS National Netball Finals at Roedean, Colts A (tbc)
09:00 to 12:00Netball Tournament at St George's, Weybridge, U8
Mon 13th MarAll DayScience Day Year 1 - 6
08:35Science Assembly Years 1 - 6
13:30 to 14:15Early Years Gymnastics and Dance Presentation
14:30 to 15:15Lower School Gymnastics and Dance Presentation
15:00Year 5 Inter Clan Rugby Competition
19:00Boulogne-sur-Mer Day Trip Information Evening for Year 5 Parents
Tue 14th Mar 16:30Swimming Gala v Eagle House, U11, U10, U9, U8 (H)
Wed 15th Mar 13:00Netball Tournament at Hoe Bridge, U11B & C (A)
14:00Netball Tournament at Bishopsgate, U10 (A)
14:30Rugby v Daneshill, U11A, B, C (H)
16:30Calendar Meeting
20:00St Piran's Society Committee Meeting
Thu 16th Mar 09:15 to 11:45Early Years Science Event
13:45St Piran's Cross Country Event, U11 & U10 Boys and Girls
Fri 17th Mar 14:00Netball Tournament at Bishopsgate, U9 & U8 (A)
14:30Rugby v St Neot's, U9A, B, C (A)
14:30Rugby v St Neot's, U8A, B, C (H)
16:35Chapel Service: Rev Stephen Cousins, Chaplain, Shiplake College
Sun 19th MarAll DayNSRT National Rugby Finals, Epsom College
Mon 20th Mar 16:15St Piran's Trampoline Competition v Eagle House, U11 & U10
Tue 21st Mar 09:30Middle School Spring Presentation Dress Rehearsal - Reception to Year 6 to watch
Wed 22nd MarAll DayYear 2 Visit to Windsor Castle
14:00Netball Tournament at Bishopsgate, U11 (A)
14:00 to 16:00Middle School Spring Presentation - First Performance
14:30Rugby v Bishopsgate, U11A, B, C (A)
14:30Rugby v Bishopsgate, U10A & B (H)
18:30Full Governing Body Meeting
Thu 23rd MarLast day of Industry and Clan Points
09:00 to 16:10Year 6 History and Art Visit to Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford
13:30Middle School go home early
18:00 to 20:00Middle School Spring Presentation - Second Performance
Fri 24th MarAll DayReception Visit to Chessington
14:15Rugby v Bishopsgate, U8A, B, C (H)
14:30Rugby v Bishopsgate, U9A, B, C (A)
16:35Chapel Service: Mr Jonathan Carroll, Headmaster
19:30St Piran's Society Brush Party
Mon 27th MarAll activities run the last week of term except Friday
09:00Team Photographs
13:15Inter Clan Cross Country Competition, Reception to Year 6
Tue 28th Mar 12:00 to 13:00Clan Point Winners' Outing
15:00Middle School Inter Clan Rugby Competition
15:00Middle School Inter Clan Netball Competition
Wed 29th Mar 08:35Years 1 - 6 Assembly
14:15Rugby v Hampton School, U10A, B, C, D (A)
14:15Upper School Inter Clan Netball Competition
14:15Year 6 Inter Clan Rugby Competition
Thu 30th MarLast day of activities
08:35Sports Assembly
13:50 to 14:50Piano Afternoon, Years 3 & 4
15:00 to 16:10Piano Afternoon, Years 5 & 6
Fri 31st MarEaster Term ends
10:50Pre-Prep Final Assembly
11:45Middle and Upper School Final Assembly
12:00Term ends: Early Years
12:15Term ends: Lower School
12:45Term ends: Middle and Upper School