Friday 20th July 2018
St. Pirans - Inspiring Confidence
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Ali Baba rehearsals in full swing!

Ali Baba rehearsals in full swing! Rehearsals have begun for this year's Year 6 production 'Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits' and the pupils are all focused and full of energy! They will perform their end of year production on Thursday 21st June 3.30-5pm and Friday 22nd June 7-8.30pm. Come and see our Arabian Advevnture! 

IAPS Ski Champs!

IAPS Ski Champs! Our St Piran's team are working hard out in the snow in Italy at the IAPS Ski Championships this week and have had some great success so far! As our first year of entering the competition, we have been delighted with the team's progress, both teams reaching the finals so far. We are very proud of them all!

Happy St Piran's Day!

Happy St Piran We are celebrating Saint Piran's Day in school today with the Millstone Race this morning and the general knowledge quiz this afternoon. Children are in black and white clothes for non-uniform day to raise money for the St Piran Trust in Cornwalll. Happy St Piran's Day!